Lenin On Pallet

Lenin On Pallet
Mixed media


Mixed Media
Mixed media Edition of 5

Critical Review

Lenin On Pallet can be seen alongside Banksy’s screen print Turf War which depicts former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill with a green mohawk hairstyle. In this artwork, Banksy pokes fun at and undermines the famous political figure by subverting his image and rendering him uncharacteristically as a punk. Lenin was the inspiration of another artwork made by Banksy in 2003, Lenin On Rollerblades (Who Put The Revolution On Ice?) which shows the Soviet leader on Nike-branded rollerblades. Depicting the socialist leader wearing a pair of branded shoes can be interpreted as a comment on the triumph of capitalism over socialism.

Banksy’s artworks often use humour and satire to explore pressing socio-economic questions and issues. Themes explored by Banksy include the rise of capitalism, greed and elitism. The artist also looks at issues such as modern warfare and poverty in his artworks.

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