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Girl With Balloon (diptych)

Girl With Balloon (diptych)
Signed Mixed Media


Mixed Media, 2005
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 25

Critical Review

The work can be interpreted in various ways and the image of Girl With Balloon has become a symbol of innocence and hope. The design can also be seen as a comment on loss and release. The artwork captures Banksy’s sensibility and skill in making profound statements through simple designs.

Girl With Balloon has been produced in various iterations and has become one of Banksy’s most recognisable images. The image first appeared in 2002 spray painted onto a concrete wall under the stairway of a loading dock in London’s South Bank. While there are no remaining renditions left on the streets of London, subsequent series of canvases and prints, like this version, capture the timeless appeal of this compelling image. The image has also been used by Banksy as a political tool. The artist reworked Girl With Balloon in March 2015 with a version called #WithSyria to mark the three-year anniversary of the Syrian conflict.

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