Pronto Intervento Roma (red)

Pronto Intervento Roma (red)
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2010
Signed Print Edition of 30

Critical Review

At the top of the sticker, Invader writes ‘Romano Invasioni’ (Invasion of Rome). The title refers to Invader’s elaborate installation project, the Space Invaders project, which involved the artist travelling to cities all over the world to install mosaics of aliens onto the walls of the cities he visited. Invader referred to his artistic endeavours as ‘invasions’ and this print is referring to the artist’s work installing mosaics of aliens all over Rome. The print can be seen alongside Invasion Di Roma (2010), an offset lithograph in colours in which Invader details where in Rome his mosaic aliens can be found.

Pronto Intervento (red) Roma was published by Invader for the exhibition Roma 2010 and Other Curiosities at the Wunderkammern contemporary art gallery in Roma, Italy.