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Warning Invader (white)

Warning Invader (white)
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2011
Signed Print Edition of 50

Critical Review

The alien character depicted in Warning is a character from the popular arcade game, Space Invaders, produced by Japanese game manufacturer Taito in 1978. The arcade game has inspired many of Invader’s artworks and even prompted the artist to launch an elaborate street art project, the Space Invaders project, which involved him travelling all over the world to decorate cities with mosaics of aliens. Discussing why he chose these particular alien characters to be the recurring visual motif that runs throughout his work, Invader explains: ‘In my own eyes, they are the perfect icons of our time, a time where digital technologies are the heartbeat of our world’.

The road sign is humorous as it seems to contain an intertextual reference to Invader’s installation project which propelled Invader’s artistic career and turned him into an international street art icon. Warning also captures how Invader’s artistic style is characterised by his playful nature, love of games and wit.