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Running Chum II

Running Chum II
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2000
Signed Print Edition of 50
H 71cm x W 51cm

Critical Review

The print is one of three screen prints that all depict the cartoon character Chum running. The prints can also be viewed alongside other works in the Chum collection, all of which depict the beloved cartoon character in different settings and scenarios. The Running Chum prints have a simple aesthetic and differ from other collections, such as Blame Game, which favour bright and bold colours. The Running Chum prints capture KAWS’ interest in close-ups and the way that framing can drastically alter the way the viewer sees an image.

Chum was inspired by the Michelin Man, the Michelin tyre company mascot which was created by the French cartoonist, Marius Rossilon. The cartoon character often appears in KAWS’ artworks and is frequently depicted along with other of KAWS’ cartoon creations, such as Bendy, Accomplice and Companion. All these characters can be identified by their crossed out eyes and skull and crossbone heads.