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Keith Haring: Galerie Watari Exhibtion Tokyo Poster - Unsigned Print

Galerie Watari Exhibtion Tokyo Poster
Unsigned Print

Keith Haring


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Lithograph, 1983
Unsigned Print Edition of 1000

Critical Review

Outlined in bold black contours evocative of the aesthetic of graffiti, such potent symbols as dolphins, barking dogs or crawling babies gave Haring a point of entry into contemporary debates about social equality, politics, and the abuse of power. Through his art and activism alike, Haring represented a non-conformist stance on the topics ranging from racism, homophobia to nuclear annihilation.

While the mammal supports the human subject in its fight against the alien force, their relationship can also be seen as one defined by subjugation. Including straight lines around the dolphins’ head to connote screaming, the poster raises questions around exploitation, authority, and power. Placed at the very bottom of the poster is a line of small-sized crawling babies. Imbued with notions of life and innocence, the subtly inserted symbol creates contrast with the scene of violence.

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