In The Bottom Of My Garden by Andy Warhol

In the Bottom of My Garden Andy Warhol

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The In the Bottom of My Garden Series features Warhol’s illustrative art style with his ever-increasing move towards fine art at this time in his career. It was created and published by Warhol in 1956, comprising of 22 pages. It is in the form of a bound book, with hand-written lettering on the cover, completed by his mother, Julia Warhola.

 According to Warhol’s friend and production designer, Charles Lisanby, In the Bottom of My Garden was based on Cicely Mary Barker’s children’s book Flower Fairies of Autumn. The inspiration for the title for In the Bottom of My Garden derives from the jolly story-telling song filled with wit There are Fairies in the Bottom of Our Garden by writer Rose Fyleman and composer Liza Lehmann. At the time the song was popularised by Beatrice Lillie, a gay icon much admired by Warhol.

Warhol, without musical instruments or a melody expresses the hilarious scenes inspired through hearing this amusing song. The result is a wildly imaginative theatrical account of child-like winged fairies and androgynous chubby putti cavorting with nature and animals, coupled with overtly sexualised imagery to some plates such as a fairy holding a cat with the provocative line “Do you see my pussy?” written in a cursive font to the lower right of the page.

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