Ingrid Bergman - Herself by Andy Warhol

Ingrid Bergman Andy Warhol

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Though Marilyn might be the most famous of Warhol’s muses, the Pop artist also dedicated a whole portfolio of prints to Ingrid Berman, a classic beauty and star of such films as Joan of Arc. The works were made in 1983 – just four year before Warhol’s death – at the request of a Swedish gallery – Galerie Borjeson in Malmo – who later published the suite.

The series, produced towards the end of Warhol’s life, showcases the artist’s enduring fascination with celebrity and the way in which fame could elevate a mere mortal to the status of goddess. Playing with the fact that these women’s faces – from Elizabeth Taylor to Marilyn to Ingrid Bergman – were available everywhere, in newspapers, on posters and on television. Warhol set about appropriating them for his own art, painting their portraits in an easily reproducible medium. Where once he would have been a highly successful court painter, making portraits in oils of the most fashionable figures of his time, from the ’60s to the ’80s Warhol used the Factory to produce hundreds, if not thousands, of images of these stars, contributing in no small part to the celebrity obsessed culture we are still living in today.

The series consists of two stills from Bergman’s films, The Bells of St. Mary’s and Casablanca, as well as a publicity portrait of the academy award winning actor in profile. These are titled The Nun, With Hat and Herself respectively. Each work highlights the iconic details of Bergman’s face that made her into the beloved star she is still known as today.

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