Elizabeth Taylor - Liz by Andy Warhol

Liz Taylor Andy Warhol

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Pioneer of pop art Andy Warhol was fascinated by celebrity and stardom. Some of his most successful and enduring artworks capture the idols of American popular culture at the height of their fame. His portraits of Elizabeth Taylor entitled Liz, fall into this canon; depicting the actress in the artist’s signature graphic style and intense colour palette, they are both uniquely Warhol and archetypally Pop.

Warhol first painted Elizabeth Taylor in the early 1960s and went on to create over 50 portraits of the actress in various manifestations, including in her roles in films such as National Velvet and Cleopatra. However, it is the artist’s closely cropped Liz portraits created using a publicity photograph from her film Butterfield 8 that are considered among the artist’s most celebrated images. In addition to a number of original works on canvas, Warhol created an edition of offset lithographs entitled Liz. Created in 1964, there are an estimated 300 of these editioned works available on the market. Warhol used the mass media as source material and transformed it into high art. By reproducing the image in series, he furthered the concept of the democratisation of art and sought to replicate the appearance of commercial forms of production. These concepts were new, ground-breaking and characteristic of the development of pop art in America. The resulting image is powerful; the vivid non-naturalistic colours signal the glitz and excess of stardom and allude to the superficiality of fame, while the bold graphic composition exemplifies important early advances in the development of the artist’s signature printing process.

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