Love by Andy Warhol

Love Andy Warhol

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Defined by soft lines and an unusual amount of white space, Andy Warhol’s Love series consists of a set of three prints depicting a couple in various stages of embrace. Made in 1983, just four years before Warhol’s death, the series celebrates tenderness and eroticism, love and desire in an elegant composition. The couple is glowing and the vibrant inks of the screen print lend them the air of existing in a fantasy. Their attraction is further heightened by the aura of colour surrounding their bodies.

Warhol had been using the medium of screen printing since the early ’60s. Traditionally associated with the world of commercial printing and advertising he was attracted to its flatness and potential for large scale reproduction. Beginning with a publicity photograph of Marilyn Monroe which he enlarged and coloured into what is now an iconic artwork, Warhol embraced the medium to such an extent that it has now become synonymous with his name. He enjoyed the irregularity of the method, describing it as “quick and chancy … you get the same image, slightly different each time.” By creating large numbers of prints Warhol ensured his work remained accessible to a wide audience, rejecting the snobbery of previous art movements which put the unique canvas and the artist’s mark above all. Instead, Warhol proved himself to be canny in bringing his work to a wide audience through high volumes of production thanks to his many assistants and large studio, which he named the Factory. As he put it, “repetition adds up to reputation.”

It is possible to see Warhol’s origins as a fashion illustrator in the Love series, the fine elegant lines of the couple’s bodies reminiscent of catwalk sketches or early fashion advertisements.

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