Renaissance Paintings - Sandro Botticello Birth of Venus by Andy Warhol

Renaissance Paintings Andy Warhol

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Though Warhol will be forever associated with the 20th century, having been at the cutting edge of the art scene from the early ’60s up to his death in 1987, he was never fixed in the present. Throughout his prolific career he was constantly looking back at the Old Masters – beginning with da Vinci’s Mona Lisa which he saw when it was exhibited in New York in 1963. Warhol would go on to appropriate the work in a screen print included in the present series, Details of Renaissance Paintings.

In his Annunciation prints, Warhol takes on da Vinci, cropping a key part of one of his most famous paintings, to show only two fingers of the Archangel Gabriel, raised in blessing towards the hand of the Virgin Mary, against a background of manicured trees and a steep mountain. To this scene Warhol adds his own lines of accentuating colour as well as tinting the whole scene in greens, pinks blues and oranges that lend the landscape an air of science fiction.

Though strikingly contemporary in their aesthetic, Warhol’s works are steeped in art history. Throughout the series Warhol is nodding to the masters that came before him, who paved the way for painting to become Pop Art.

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