Chinese New Year 2020: The Year of the Banksy

Why buying one of Banksy’s Rats might be your best investment this Chinese New Year
The Chinese New Year of the Rat starts on the 25th January, what better time to invest in Banksy’s striking market growth – it might just be the best thing you’ll […]

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Banksy by numbers

2019 proved to be a stellar year for the Bristolian street artist who continues to outrage his critics and delight his fans with ingenious new ways of distributing his art. Here we chart his continuing success by taking a look at the numbers that have […]

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From Bristol to Blue Chip – Why Banksy is more relevant than ever in 2019

When notorious street artist Banksy first broke onto the contemporary art scene in the early 2000s it seemed like he had sparked a revolution, bringing the medium of graffiti – traditionally associated with vandalism – to the forefront of the contemporary […]

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Who is Banksy? 10 Myths About The World’s Most Talked About Artist

As one of the most elusive figures on the contemporary art scene, Banksy continues to be the subject of news stories and rumours debating his true identity and the impact of his latest stunt. While some believe him to be a member of the band Massive […]

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Banksy’s Gross Domestic Product – The Story So Far

Gross Domestic Product – The Homewares Brand from Banksy™  A carefully crafted publicity stunt or a genuine bid by Banksy to make his work more accessible?
Last month Banksy opened a shop in Croydon, filled with his artworks, called Gross Domestic […]

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‘I can’t believe you morons sell like this’ – Announcing our 0% fixed seller’s fee

As Sotheby’s and Christie’s launch their Banksy online only sales this month with a paltry offering MyArtBroker looks at why so many consigners are turning their back on auction in favour of more convenient collector networks and announces 0% seller’s […]

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The Expert Guide to Selling a Banksy

Thinking about selling your Banksy collection or even just selling a Banksy print? The first question you’ll want to ask is “How much is my Banksy art worth?”

Answer? How much is anything worth?
Banksy is determinedly scornful of the art market, […]

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Is that a real Banksy? How to Verify Banksy Prints with Pest Control

Ever fancied buying a Banksy? Then you’re not alone. The elusive artist is in such high demand that original works can now change hands for millions of pounds – he’s come a long way since those first satirical stencils started popping up around […]

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You Can Bank on Banksy

Buying a Banksy might be one of the most lucrative investments out there right now, as we take a look at how banking on the illusive artist measures up against gold, silver, property and more.

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The Practical Guide To Pest Control

What is The Pest Control Office?
Pest Control is the only official body that can authenticate your Banksy print. It was set up in 2009 and is run by Banksy himself. It continues his desire to keep at arms-length from the traditional gallery system. It […]

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Why is Banksy so popular? What makes him a national treasure? We’ve found out!

What is it about Banksy that captures our hearts and minds? Is Banksy a national treasure? Does Banksy represent Britain as a society? The results are in..
Plenty of art critics and social commentators have speculated and provided their critique of Banksy’s […]

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Darwin alert! – someone’s just shredded a £40k Banksy print..

On Friday 5th October Banksy shocked the art world with a stunt at the auction house Sotheby’s.
If you have not seen or read about it, where have you been?

Whilst we in our opinion, accurately estimated Banksy had roughly doubled the value of the artwork […]

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