2019 proved to be a stellar year for the Bristolian street artist who continues to outrage his critics and delight his fans with ingenious new ways of distributing his art. Here we chart his continuing success by taking a look at the numbers that have made these last 12 months so remarkable… 

devolved-parliment-by banksy

Banksy’s Devolved Parliament


The record price realised for Devolved Parliament Banksy’s take on the Houses of Commons, featuring chimps for MPs, which was sold at Sotheby’s in November. The painting realised more than four times its high estimate and made global headlines, proving his continued popularity on the market and beyond. 


The number of views – at the time of writing – on an Banksy’s Instagram video of his latest mural. The mural depicts two reindeer leading a sleigh in the form of a public bench in Birmingham. The work has been hailed as an important christmas message raising awareness of the rising numbers of homeless people on our streets.


The price of a Banksy mug, the cheapest product out of 22 from his new online shop, Gross Domestic Product, which opened in October. 

£28 million

The total value of secondary market Banksy sales at auction this year. 


The seller’s fee any seller pays when they offer a Banksy via MyArtBroker, versus the 15%, plus charges, at auction. 


The price realised for a record cover designed by Banksy for the band Royksopp – the highest amount ever paid for vinyl on the online marketplace Discogs. 


Over 100,000 people are estimated to have been in the crowd watching Stormzy’s groundbreaking performance at this year’s Glastonbury festival. The rapper, who famously enjoined the audience to chant ‘F*ck Boris’ with him during his set, was proudly wearing a stab vest emblazoned with the Union Jack, designed by none other than Banksy. It was later sold on Gross Domestic Product for £850. 


The estimated number of works by Banksy sold at auction in 2019. 


Collectors and Banksy fans from over 200 countries around the world applied to buy something from Gross Domestic Product when it opened in October. In a bid to keep away ‘wealthy’ collectors who were just buying as an investment, purchasing something from the online shop required answering the age old question ‘why does art matter?’ Successful customers were then selected on the basis of their answers. 


The number of unauthorised Banksy exhibitions held around the world this year, listed by the artist as ‘fake’.


The amount of years Steve Lazarides spent as Banksy’s right hand man, during which time he took hundreds of photos of the artist – though none reveal his identity – which have recently been compiled in a book. 


The amount realised by an online auction of Banksy prints, entitled ‘I can’t believe you morons actually buy this sh*t’, held by Christie’s in September. 


The percentage increase of the sheer number of Banksy lots that have gone through auction year on year since 2016 when only 50 Banksy lots offered realised auction prices, this year that figure was 650. 


The number of works of art by Banksy in the British Museum’s collection. The institution acquired one of the artist’s Di-Faced Tenners which he once famously dropped onto a crowd at Notting Hill Carnival, in February of this year. And while this might be his first official acquisition by the British Museum, Banksy had previously managed to install one of his artworks entitled Peckham Rock – a fake cave painting made of concrete and complete with wall text – which fooled visitors and staff for three days before it was taken down. 


When sold at auction this year, around 35% of Banksy works achieved over their estimates. 

4.2million (and counting)

The amount of views of an instagram video of Banksy’s prank at the 2019 Venice Biennale, in which he set up a stall of kitsch, tourist style paintings that together made up a composite image of the kind of huge cruise ships that regularly plague the Canal Grande, entitled Venice In Oil.


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