Banksy collector and MyArtBroker client, Simon, is over on Flux Magazine talking about his Banksy collection, plus how and why he came to sell it.

Flower Thrower by Banksy

Read an extract below and the full article here.

Simon began collecting Banksy in the early 2000s while he was training to become a solicitor. Spending ten years living in Bristol, the hometown of the (now world-famous) anonymous Street Artist, he fell in love with Banksy’s works in a very organic way.

Simon first noticed Banksy while walking the city’s streets and noticing art on the walls like nothing else he’d seen before, “I became aware of Banksy as I’d seen his graffiti on the street – the one I remember was the image of the leopard crawling out of the broken bars – and there was no one else doing street art like that, everyone else was just tagging their names.” This was back when Banksy was part of the DryBreadZ crew, as Simon says, “Back then it seemed as if everyone in Bristol was friends with Massive Attack or Banksy. I was told it wasn’t just Banksy ‘solo’, certainly not at the start, there was a group of them.” The Banksy identity of course was always part of the mystery.

Eventually, during his wanderings Simon encountered The Greenleaf Bookshop on Colston Street, “It was opposite the Royal Infirmary…and I saw Banksy’s prints in there and ended up buying five – they were about £25-30 each. I bought them just because I liked them, they excited me. If I’d been buying for profit I would have bought a lot more of them – I’d certainly have bought some of the ones I didn’t like, but also more copies of the ones I did.”

These humble beginning were the start of Simon’s journey into collecting Banksy, which has taken him further than he could’ve ever imagined (and rewarded him even more so) when he picked up a few prints going for twenty-five pounds each…


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