Banksy Festival Signed Print

Festival Banksy

Banksy’s Festival, also known as Destroy Capitalism, is a three-colour screenprint from 2006 printed by Modern Multiples of Los Angeles. It depicts a queue of people at a music festival, in the line to buy t-shirts. The artwork was made for Banksy’s iconic American exhibition, Barely Legal which took place in a warehouse in LA in 2006. Festival screenprints were part of Banksy’s Barely Legal Print Set, a set of six prints which includes the works Applause, Grannies, Morons, Trolleys and Sale Ends.

It was intended that there be a seventh print produced, a portrait of an aristocrat being hit in the face with a pie, but the piece was dropped. There were only 100 unsigned Festival prints ever sold although they are numbered out of 500 and Festival was only sold at Banksy’s LA show.

There are also a few signed prints and artist proofs in circulation, but these never went on general sale. The Barely Legal Print Set, with its limited edition of prints, is among the most rare and valuable prints in urban art. To possess a matched set is a very precious acquisition.

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