Festival (Destroy Capitalism) by Banksy - Signed Screen Print

Festival Banksy

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Banksy’s Festival, also known as Destroy Capitalism, is a three-colour screenprint from 2006 printed by Modern Multiples of Los Angeles. It depicts a group of people at a music festival queuing up to buy t-shirts. The artwork was made for Banksy’s iconic American exhibition, Barely Legal which took place in a warehouse in LA in 2006. Festival screenprints were part of Banksy’s Barely Legal Print Set, a set of six prints which includes the works Applause, Grannies, Morons, Trolleys and Sale Ends.

Festival is printed on a grey background, showing black and white stencilled figures in line at a merchandise booth at a music festival. The individuals in the queue are presented as punks, goths and hippies with their clothes, haircuts and attitudes representative of these subcultures to give the impression that they are attending an ‘alternative’ music festival. They represent what society might consider ‘misfits’ or anti-capitalists. But while their taste in music seems to demonstrate a disavowal of society, as they queue up to buy a $30 t-shirt their spending habits belie the trap capitalism holds for even its most fervent opponents.

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