The Expert Guide to Selling a Banksy

*UPDATED May 2020
Thinking about selling a Banksy collection or your Banksy print? It can seem a daunting process, but our guide will make it easy to understand all the important variables and how to sell for the best price. 

The first question you […]

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Pest Control: a guide to verifying Banksy prints for buyers & sellers

Is that a real Banksy? Buying and selling art can be a tricky business to navigate with the occasional forger and fraudster making it tough for those less familiar with the world of contemporary art, and these people can be anyone from amateur art critics […]

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A Buyer’s Guide to Banksy

UPDATED June 2020
If you are in the market for a Banksy, then there are a few pieces of advice you should be armed with before you start to make sure you find the right piece at the right price.

With the artist’s prolific output and lasting popularity, […]

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Banksy Top 10 Murals in London

Satirical street artist Banksy has undoubtedly had a prolific output for about 15 years. His distinctive stencilled artwork has largely and regularly appeared in London. However, many of the original street pieces by Banksy are no longer visible (or they […]

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Who is Banksy? (And everything else you want to know about the world’s most notorious street artist)

As one of the most elusive figures on the contemporary art scene, Banksy continues to be the subject of speculation around his identity, background and net worth. Here we take a deep dive into what is known about the street artist and try and answer some […]

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BANKSY’S BBAY: Everything You Need to Know

The holding page for BBay, ‘the approved used Banksy dealership’, shows an image of an unidentifiable man standing in front of a blue van at what appears to be an art car boot sale, selling Banksy artworks.

What is BBay?
Where did the idea of BBay […]

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Banksy’s Gross Domestic Product – The Story So Far

Gross Domestic Product – The Homewares Brand from Banksy™  A carefully crafted publicity stunt or a genuine bid by Banksy to make his work more accessible?
Last month Banksy opened a shop in Croydon, filled with his artworks, called Gross Domestic […]

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10 Things To Know About Banksy’s Girl With Balloon

Banksy’s Girl with Balloon is perhaps as recognisable as the street artist is mysterious. The image has appeared on walls, in prints, online and even on the arm of a celebrity singer. Here are 10 quick facts about Banksy’s most famous work.

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Banksy: The Most Affordable Works on the Market

Banksy is contemporary art royalty, a household name, the media’s favourite and the faceless artist responsible for Devolved Parliament – a painting that smashed auction records in October 2019, selling for almost £10 million. The rate at which the […]

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Storage, Display and Restoration: A How-To Guide to Caring for your Banksy Print

While a Banksy print requires considerably less protection and conservation than an Old Master, there are still many important factors to consider when buying, framing and hanging an artwork by the street artist. Here we caught up with our recommended […]

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A Guide to Auction v Private Sale

‘I can’t believe you morons actually… sell like this’, and other reasons why the traditional auction model can’t keep up.
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="793"] Banksy’s I Can’t Believe You Morons Actually Buy This Shit[/caption]
Here’s our guide […]

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How to Insure a Banksy

Contrary to the luck of the owner of Love is in the Bin – the notorious Banksy work that was shredded live at auction in 2018 – not all damage adds value. Here’s how to ensure you’re covered, should the worst happen.
“Art is at its best when it is […]

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Banksy: Master of the Stencil

The story goes that when Banksy was just starting out on his graffiti career in the early 90s in Bristol he would be painting freehand when someone would come along and he would have to run away, leaving his work unfinished. It was during one of these […]

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Banksy’s Love is in the Bin: The Greatest PR Stunt of All Time? Everything you need to know about Banksy’s unforgettable night at Sotheby’s

In October 2018, Banksy’s Girl With Balloon went to auction at Sotheby’s. Just as the hammer came down at £1.04 million, the painting began to self-destruct, leaving half the canvas in shreds. The audience were aghast and the auction went down in […]

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A Banksy Investment Guide

Buying a Banksy might be one of the most lucrative investments out there right now, as we take a look at how banking on the illusive artist measures up against gold, silver, property and more.

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