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Stop and Search Banksy

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Featuring Dorothy, the protagonist of beloved book and film The Wizard of Oz, Banksy’s Stop And Search print is characteristic of the street artist’s biting wit. Here Dorothy is shown having her wicker basket searched by a uniformed police officer in a satirical take on the controversial stop and search legislation first introduced by the UK government in the 80s and more recently criticised by much of the left for its unfair targeting of ethnic minorities.

Printed in black and white except for the blue of the policeman’s disposable gloves, the print shows Dorothy in her now iconic gingham dress, her face showing a look of concern at the man rummaging through her picnic basket. Played by Judy Garland in the 1939 film, Dorothy is a typical female character of early to mid 20th century Hollywood films, portrayed as harmless and naive whose catchphrase ‘there’s no place like home’ represents her childhood innocence. This is only reinforced by the presence of her little terrier Toto who represents further celebrated values of loyalty and companionship. Here Banksy subverts those traditional associations with the introduction of the officer clad in riot gear, intent on finding contraband items.

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