Born in California in 1966, contemporary painter Barry McGee is a much respected cult figure in a bi-coastal subculture that comprises of skaters, graffiti artists and West Coast surfers. A prolific graffiti artist working under the name ‘Twist’, McGee’s recognisable style of bold graphic lines, strong colours, and interestingly dour faces are present in his paintings, limited edition prints and limited run of glass bottles he produced.

Although McGee is seen as a central figure in transitioning impermanent street art to fine art, he has been reluctant to participate in traditional art world venues. However, Barry McGee has exhibited his art in galleries such as the Walker Art Museum, Minneapolis; and the smash hit exhibition Art in the Street at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. In 2012, a major retrospective of McGee’s artwork took place at the University of California Berkeley Art Museum and the Pacific Film Archive.

McGee has also published an artist’s book called Barry McGee, that takes the form of collage; using drawings, paintings, photographs and documentation of past and present installations.

Barry McGee


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