BÄST is a New York Street Art legend. His distinctive style of wheat-pasted posters assembled from media clippings have been popping up in urban landscapes across New York and Europe for the last fifteen years.

Comparable to the FAILE collective, it is BÄST’s aesthetic that makes him standout. Inspired by the punk movement, and punk fliers and graffiti from the 1980s; BÄST uses newsprint cuttings, food packaging, advertising logos, cartoons and bits of scrap metal to create his chaotic and colourful distorted collages. Whilst FAILE creates artworks that aspire to the populist appeal of mass media, BÄST’s pieces are rough and hard-edged. This uncompromising attitude has helped him achieve global recognition as one of the most pivotal figures in the street art movement. Yet, like Banksy, BÄST remains a notoriously private figure, preferring to keep his work on the streets. Exhibitions in galleries and sales of BÄST’s limited edition silkscreen prints are therefore rare, selling out almost immediately when going on sale.