Bridget Riley Bagatelle Screenprint 2015

Bagatelle Bridget Riley

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Bagatelle is a series of monochromatic screen prints, created by Op Art pioneer and a leading figure in British abstract painting, Bridget Riley. Visually, this series relates to many concerns of the period in which Riley came of age: challenging the mind-body duality leading Aldous Huxley to experiment with hallucinogenic drugs; fears regarding the loss of genuine individual experience; concerns about the future and threat of nuclear war amidst the Cold War; and a perceived need for audience participation.

Exemplary of Riley’s non-representational approach to painting, motivated by the work of the Italian Futurists, the Bagatelle series depicts hard-edged forms rendered in Riley’s distinct monochrome. The shapes subtly move and shift as the viewer’s eyes skirt across, referencing the erratic, user-generated motions of the French billiards game, bagatelle.

The paintings of Victor Varsarley were of great influence to Riley, who had used designs of black and white lines since the 1930s. Riley’s childhood spent in Cornwall, escaping war-torn London, also had an impact on her work. Riley confesses that the ever-changing Cornish seas and skies stimulated her vision. In this sense, her optically stimulating works can be read as an attempt to recreate the wonder of seeing, which could not be effectively captured by a representational image.

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