Bridget Riley - Fragment 1 (Schubert 5A)

Fragment Bridget Riley

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Bursting with energy, Fragment is a series of monochrome prints on plexiglass created in 1965. The series is significant as the artworks demonstrate the height of Op Art pioneer Bridget Riley’s practice and are instantly recognisable. Despite being static works, they appear to be in motion: zig zag lines oscillate back and forth, in some prints circles seem to jolt around, and in others swirling spirals toy with your senses and produce an unsettling feeling. These Fragment prints are exemplar of Riley’s energetic, forceful compositions and optical trickery.

Enacted with geometrical precision, Riley creates compelling visual effects that play with one’s vision and implore the viewer to question what they are looking at. Riley experiments with simple, structural units in her works, in varying configurations and colours, to explore the physical and psychological responses of the eyes. Despite her compositions and colour combinations varying over the years, Riley’s motive has remained the same: to interrogate what and how we see things. Riley’s Fragment series is, if anything, abundantly aware of being nothing more than the geometry of the paper’s flat surface.

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