Bridget Riley June S.51 - Signed Print

Zig / Rhomboid Bridget Riley

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In the Zig / Rhomboid collection of works, Bridget Riley began to cross her iconic horizontal stripes of her earlier Stripes works with short diagonal elements: another evolution in her non-representational, abstract art practice. Executed in the 1980s and 1990s, these works evolved from the previously harmonious order of stripes as Riley sought to find new ways to generate interactions between colours. Even more dynamic and complex, these shapes straddle two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality, creating a sensation of motion that the static, horizontal-line works lacked. A seismic shift occurred in Riley’s practice in 1967 as she introduced colour into her works. Now, her focus was on the effect of varying colour combinations and the potential for narrative and emotion that this brings, concerned less with constructing optical illusions. Moving away from the lines and geometric shapes that defined her earlier works, in the Zig/ Rhomboid works, distinctions between colour and shape fall away, each leaning on the other for definition within the same plane.

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