Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington is an Irish-born street artist known for his large-scale artworks that blend contemporary and historical references to tackle modern socio-political themes.

Harrington’s paintings mix Renaissance influences with graffiti-inspired elements to create dreamlike scenes. His complex compositions are all executed with an Old Master’s touch; his bold line work, realistic shading, and depictions of the human form are all expertly achieved. Shrouded in the ethereal and the real, the past and the present, Harrington’s positioning of the human figure is used to highlight issues of gender and conflict in contemporary society. For this reason, Harrington remains one of the most sought-after young artists on the market. Formerly represented by Banksy’s former agent Steve Lazarides (of the Lazarides Gallery, London), his other notable works include: Fight Club (The Mess we Make), A Whole Lot of Trouble For A Little Bit Of Win and his Mugshot series.


Harrington grew up in Cork, Ireland, and went on to study at the Limerick School of Art and Design, graduating in 2002. Much of his earlier work came in the form of urban murals around his hometown. The freedom of expression and anonymity that came with street art attracted him, but as his art developed, he found that whether he was painting on canvas or a wall, his artistic voice was the same. He still believes that the scale of a piece of art can directly impact how much of an effect it has on its viewer, and so Harrington murals do still appear globally. Harrington does not consider himself to be a street artist or a gallery artist, simply a painter.

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