Damien Hirst Psalm Print Ad te Domine levavi Screenprint in colors with glitter

​​Psalms Damien Hirst

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The Psalms series is a collection of screen prints which Hirst started working on in 2008. The series is composed of 150 works, all of which are made using butterfly wings on painted canvases. As indicated by the title of the series, each print in the series is named after a psalm from the Old Testament. The Psalms series captures the artist’s fascination with contemporary belief systems, such as religion, as well as questions of spirituality, life and death. The Psalms are part of a broader series, the Kaleidoscope series, an ambitious project started by the artist in 2001, which was inspired by the intricate pattern of butterfly wings Hirst saw on an old Victoria tea tray.

In the Psalms series, every print depicts mesmerising and spectacular patterns of concentric circles which are composed of butterflies. From afar, the viewer thinks the circles are just made up of various different coloured shapes, however when looked at closely, the details of the butterflies and their wings become apparent. The prints in this series demand the viewer pays close attention to the intricate detail within the works, acknowledging and appreciating the hundreds of butterflies that compose the prints. The series is impressive due to the meticulous patterns Hirst creates and the fact that no two patterns are alike. The prints are full of variety, making it a dynamic and exciting body of works.

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