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Started in 2001, the Kaleidoscope series is an ambitious project that was inspired by a Victorian tea tray Hirst found which was covered in an intricate design composed of butterfly wings. The series is made up of a wide variety of impressive paintings and prints, all of which depict mesmerising patterns of concentric circles made up of hundreds of butterflies. Hirst ingeniously makes the pieces by placing thousands of different coloured butterfly wings in geometric patterns into household paint. The resulting works are spectacular and seize the viewer’s attention, demanding them to inspect the patterns to appreciate the hundreds of different little butterflies that are part of the composition.

Throughout the series, Hirst uses bold and vibrant colours which resonate with the designs of Buddhist mandalas. Each design, however, is different and involves a unique arrangement of butterflies, bringing a sense of excitement and dynamism to the series.

The first painting produced by Hirst that belongs to the Kaleidoscope series was It’s a Wonderful World, made in 2001. The spectacular diamond shaped canvas resonates with other works in the series, such as Sceptic (2006) and Faithless (2006), which similarly use a diamond shape as the base for the geometric butterfly patterns. Works from the Kaleidoscope series were first exhibited at the White Cube, London, in 2003 as part of the Romance in the Age of Uncertainty exhibition. Later, in 2007, Hirst presented a large collection of the paintings in a solo show, Superstition, at the Gagosian Gallery in London, as well as in Beverly Hills.

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