Dolk (meaning dagger in Norwegian) is a Norwegian graffiti artist whose stencil art can be seen on walls in cities such as Bergen, Berlin, Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Prague and Melbourne. Citing Banksy as his inspiration, using stencil graffiti, Dolk creates unexpected juxtapositions in space by placing images in clever locations to convey subversive messages about modern society.

In 2006, Dolk stepped into the gallery setting, producing original prints and paintings for exhibition. His best known paintings include Burger King which depicts Prince Charles in a cardboard Burger King crown; Spray which reworks the infamous Eddie Adams photograph of a Vietcong prisoner of war executed at point blank range; and Che, which shows Che Guevara wearing a t-shirt printed with an image of himself. Although limited edition prints of these paintings are rare, whenever they do appear for sale they are amongst the most sought after artworks on the market.