Frank Auerbach

Frank Auerbach is one of Britain’s most revered figurative painters.

Born in Germany in 1931, Auerbach’s parents sent him to England in 1939 to escape the Nazi’s. Attending Bunce Court Boarding School for Refugees, Auerbach first revealed his artistic talent. This gained him sponsorship to attend the prestigious St Martin’s School of Art where he began to develop his figurative style. His influences spanned the likes of Monet, Picasso and Matisse, to Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró.

The world to Auerbach was essentially chaotic with the role of the artist being to impose an order upon that chaos and record that order in the painting. Auerbach therefore tended to paint particular people and locations. His paintings and the limited edition prints of his paintings include his wife and his lover and include cityscapes close to his home in Camden Town, London.

During his forty-year career Auerbach has exhibited extensively throughout the UK. In 1978 he was given an Arts Council retrospective exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, London. In 1986 he represented Britain in the Venice Biennale, and shared the Biennale’s main prize, the Golden Lion, with Sigmar Polke.

Frank Auerbach

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