French painter George Braque is known, along with Pablo Picasso, as one of the creators of Cubism.

Beginning life as a house painter and decorator, Braque attended evening classes at the School of Fine Arts in Le Havre, France. Many of Braque’s early works were impressionist until, in 1905, he attended an exhibition by the Fauves and became influenced by the fauvist style. From 1907, Braque’s style began a slow evolution as he drew inspiration from the work of Paul Cézanne. During this transition, he met and began working closely with Pablo Picasso. Developing Cézanne’s ideas of multiple perspectives, Braque and Picasso produced paintings in a new style known as Cubism. Braque produced representative paintings with a monochromatic colour scheme and interlocking blocks and complex forms. Glass on a Table, Mandora and Bottle and Fishes are some of Braque’s most well known Cubist artworks.

George Braque


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