Turner prize-winning artist Grayson Perry produces vases, tapestries, paintings, etchings and limited edition prints that explore a variety of historical and contemporary themes to make comments about societal injustices, and observations on society in general.

Cherishing craft as an individual and social good, Perry digs deep into English styles and traditions to create beautifully detailed ceramic vases that challenge the idea that pottery is merely decorative or utilitarian. His brightly coloured pots are decorated with photos and hand-drawn images that have been known to contain scenes of war, sex and abuse. His most famous is the Rosetta Vase (2011), which was displayed at the exhibition he curated, The Tomb of The Unknown Craftsman, at the British Museum. Much of this exhibition was dedicated to his sidekick, Alan Measles (the teddy bear he has owned since he was a child) who joined him on a motorcycle pilgrimage around Europe.

As well as ceramics, Perry has worked in printmaking, drawing, embroidery and other textile work, film and performance. In 2013 Perry delivered the BBC’s annual Reith Lectures, with exceptional reviews. Examining the crisis of contemporary art, these lectures affirmed Perry’s position as one of the UK’s leading artists and cultural critics.

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