Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry creates vases, tapestries, paintings, and etchings that explore a variety of historical and contemporary themes. His work comments on societal injustices and modern life through the lens of his own personal experience, but using the techniques of traditional, classical art.


Born in Chelmsford, Perry’s childhood was split between his two divorced parents. By the age of 13, he had acknowledged his transvestism to himself, but by 15, it had caused a rift between him and his father. It was these difficult times that propelled Perry towards becoming the keenly witted and sharply analytical artist that we know today.

In 1982, Perry graduated from Portsmouth Polytechnic. At the time, he aspired to be a filmmaker, but was struggling to accept that he would have to compromise on his own vision to work with other creatives. He appeared in performance pieces and art films as part of a Neo-Naturist group, but later moved on to ceramics.

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