Harland Miller Fuck Art Let's Dance Signed Print

Fuck Art, Let’s Dance Harland Miller

Fuck Art, Let’s Dance belongs to artist Harland Miller’s iconic series of works inspired by the Penguin book covers. The sardonic title of this work, which was exhibited as part of a diptych alongside its humorous counterpart Fuck Dancing, Let’s Fuck, is typical of Miller’s artistic practice, which uses bold, black humour as a primary element in his work. Drawing upon his Northern roots and steeped in British heritage, Miller’s work simultaneously celebrates a treasured part of his country’s national aesthetic identity, whilst forging a fresh interpretation of that aesthetic that catapults it straight into contemporary culture, reimagined in a new context with bold, daring text. Whilst the text takes precedent, the dripping colour and painterly brushstrokes means that the effect of these works is one of an ageing paperback infused with artistic vigour.

Born in Yorkshire in 1964, Miller is a British artist and writer, best known for his expansive photo-realistic canvasses that reinvent the familiar dust jackets of Penguin books. Bridging the gap between art and literature, these large-scale works present a unique interpretation of the book covers, differentiated by the altered titles. Often sardonic, humorous, shocking or nostalgic, these titles stamp the artist’s mark upon the images, and offer a fresh twist on the familiar literary iconography. In the present work, the artist’s use of strong language and sexuality is simultaneously shocking and liberating, sarcastic and at the same time unmistakably contemporary. Miller has explained during interviews that both books and humour where an integral part of his upbringing, and that in the hard, industrial North of England enduring it was relieved by moments of black humour.

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