Thinking about buying a Harland Miller print? You’ll be in exceptional company – the charismatic prints, of which his Penguin Prints are most popular, have attracted high-profile collectors including George Michael and Elton John among others. On the secondary market, Miller’s work has just started to command record-high prices and the demand for Miller’s work is booming. 


Harland Miller’s High On Hope

Whether you are looking to include a work of art by Miller amongst a current collection of Contemporary and Modern Prints, buying a one-off piece for your home, or if you wish to dedicate your growing collection to telling the complete story of Harland Miller’s art, his Penguin prints are an excellent way of buying an original work by a much celebrated artist enjoying a meteoric rise in demand. Here are some things to consider when looking to buy a Harland Miller:

How much does a print by Harland Miller cost?

On the secondary market, the price you pay will be determined by two things. Firstly the market demand for the work in question – we use a number of tactics to determine the worth of anything we value, including the current climate of the market for that artist and recent auction results of similar works.

Be warned at auction you will pay 25% plus VAT on anything you bid for, whilst high street galleries will often charge more on top of this again but you may not really know the extent to which they are profiting. We’re more than happy to help demystify any prices you are being offered by alternative vendors, just ask in the chat box on the right at the foot of this page to speak to a specialist.

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Harland Miller’s You Can Rely on Me, I’ll Always Let You Down

Provenance & Paper Trails

Buying from a reputable seller is important as they bring with them their expertise and knowledge which will help you buy an authentic Harland Miller in the secondary market with confidence. For this reason we advise you to avoid unpoliced or unspecialised platforms online.

Gallery labels, exhibition stamps, auction barcodes on the back of a frame, as well as original invoices and receipts are important as they indicate ownership and verification. They are not only useful to you as the buyer but the paperwork you will accrue will be just as important when you come to offer the work back to the secondary market, should you one day wish to. MyArtBroker can help you collate these details from the buyer and manage the deal to the end.

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Harland Miller’s Five Ring Circus

Condition Reports

When looking to buy a work online it is always advisable for any collector to ask for high resolution images of the overall print. Particular attention must be paid to any signature and numbering fraction irregularities. Condition is very important as poor condition may reduce the print’s value significantly.

We advise many of our buyers to speak with a professional consultant, such as those we partner with, they can check closely for issues to do with how the work has been previously stored. Such factors as undulation or cockling to the paper, nicks and tears, handling creases or other defects such as light staining or craquelure to the printed image are sometimes hard to see upon first inspection.

Always ask whether the image has been trimmed or cut down, and if you want to you can check the dimensions against other examples sold, our brokers and specialists can help you navigate any concerns you might have and put you in direct contact with those who specialise further in the restoration of Harland Miller prints if there any concerns.

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Harland Miller’s Fuck Art, Let’s Dance


If condition is a concern you can speak with our Harland Miller broker and if necessary, they will put you in direct contact with our chosen restorers who can advise and assist in improving the overall look of the print. If the work requires restoration this will often fall to the seller to sort ahead of any sale.

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How to Frame your Harland Miller Print

Going the extra mile to frame your print with care is an important measure to ensure that your print is preserved and protected for the long term. Making sure that you use a framer who will mount the print well, and to museum standards will be pivotal to how your print is preserved.

If there are minor defects such as a slight undulation or cockling (a wavy appearance) to the sheet, a good frame can help flatten this, and make the overall image more attractive. It can also disguise it and that is why you should seek expert advice via our team ahead of buying a framed piece.

A reputable framer can mean you have a creative input into how you want your print displayed. Darbyshire Ltd – picture framers who are based in London and Gloucestershire – have gathered a reputation for framing Harland Miller prints to a high standard and are experienced in handling these works.

Remember if you’re not intending to frame and hang a print straight away, make sure it is protected while in storage. Prints should be stored flat, in the dark, and away from potentially acidic or unstable materials. Ideally they should be wrapped in acid free glassine or tissue and housed within made-to-measure folders or boxes made from acid free materials. We would strongly recommend checking intended materials with a conservator prior to purchase. If you have concerns about how to safely store a print you have recently purchased you can contact us for free advice on how to do so, and read our Guide To Restoring And Caring For Modern And Contemporary Prints.

In the specific example of Miller’s prints which tend to have fresh and bright colours. Hanging the print in direct sunlight will cause light staining and fading to occur even over a short time. Paper is porous and with that in mind it would be advisable to refrain hanging in damp or humid areas, and away from any water source. This is a preventative measure to preserve your print from developing any water stains or foxing. When framing a print, never trim the edges of the sheet to fit into a frame with smaller dimensions. Trimming the edges of the paper affects the value and appeal to collectors.

Browse works for sale by Harland Miller, or view the artist’s portfolio. If you are looking for a valuation for a Harland Miller print, we offer a free 12 hour valuation service and would be very happy to help.

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