Harland Miller Hate's Outta Date Signed Print

Hate’s Outta Date! Harland Miller

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Hate’s Outta Date is a classic example from Harland Miller’s iconic Penguin print series. This series of works marked a seismic moment in his artistic career when he first started it in 2001. Upon finding a box of used Penguin books near the Notre Dame in Paris, he was struck with inspiration by their familiar, nostalgia-evoking cover design, as well as the simple colour-coded layout and its effect on the title of the book and its meaning to one looking at it. “I realised that the design of those classics would throw all the focus on to the title of the book, which is exactly what I wanted to do.(…) People are so used to the format already with the text in the middle that you could really say what whatever you wanted.”

In Hate’s Outta Date Miller replicates the rugged second hand look of an old Penguin book and hijacks the design with his clever title, exploring the complex relationship between text and image, and reality and representation through the process of quasi “producing” meaning. As his main artistic influences, Miller cites Mark Rothko, saying that the Penguin series reminds him of the Colour Field paintings in their sophisticated use of colour. Other artists Miller’s practice is informed by Anselm Kiefer, Ed Ruscha and Robert Rauschenberg, as well as seminal authors Ernest Hemingway and Edgar Allan Poe.

The title is more uplifting than some of Miller’s other titles such as You Can Rely On Me I’ll Always Let You Down and stands out boldly against the yellow background. When asked about his titles, Miller is vague saying that they come from “nowhere in particular. Everywhere, anywhere” allowing the viewer to connect to the titles in their own personal way.

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