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I Am The One I’ve Been Waiting For Harland Miller

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I Am The One You’ve Been Waiting For is a set of prints by Harland Miller from 2011 – 2013, all of which are based on the dust jackets of Penguin books. Miller is best known for his creative reinvention of the Penguin dust jackets, as seen in these prints, which he began in 2001. This revered artistic practise was fundamental in launching Miller’s artistic career and has become closely associated with the artist’s name.

In the Penguin series, Miller takes the familiar format and motif of the Penguin books title page, and substitutes his own title, which is often sarcastic or witty and occasionally carries with it some kind of social critique.

Penguin books first started publishing in 1935 and soon became a recognisable and loved brand with a loyal fanbase. The iconic books became collectible items, much like Miller’s own book cover artworks, evident in his excellent market performance.

Miller’s works featuring “I Am The One You’ve Been Waiting For” include a signed Giclée print in red (2011) and a yellow screen print (2012), a red and yellow variation (2012) as well as a deckchair (2013) and beach towel (2013). These prints are archetypal of Miller’s body of work adapting the classical Penguin book dust jacket, with bold blocks of colour dominating the print and capitalised black text drawing the viewer’s attention towards the witty title. This is emblematic of how Miller explores the relationship between the abstract, bold background colour and the embedded text.

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