Harland Miller If The Phone Doesn't Ring It's Me Signed Print

If The Phone Don’t Ring It’s Me Harland Miller

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If The Phone Don’t Ring It’s Me by Harland Miller comes in various iterations, with two versions as a screen print in blue and orange from 2008. The print also comes in a deckchair format in yellow from 2013. In these prints, Miller takes the familiar format of the Penguin classics and their iconic, highly recognisable dust jackets and reinvents them by creating his own satirical, witty and sometimes controversial titles such as Incurable Romantic Seeks Dirty Filthy Whore Now and Death What’s In It For Me? Miller’s humour is not only reflected in the title of the print, but also in his ironic substitution of his name for the author’s name on the front cover of the book. In these prints, unlike others in the Penguin series, instead of writing his name in full where the author’s name ought to be, Miller simply writes ‘It’s me.’ This joke signals his rise to fame and prolific recognition in the art world. Miller occasionally also uses other famous writers such as Charles Bukowski or Ernest Hemingway, demonstrating his keen interest in literature. The Penguin series, which Miller started in 2001 was a pivotal moment in his artistic career and is what the artist is known best for today.

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