Invader Hollyweed Red Screenprint in colors on paper 2018

Hollywood Invader

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Why is the Hollywood series so important?

Provocative in both their name and subject matter, the series of prints Hollywood designed especially for the 2018 solo exhibition Into the White Cube speak to Invader’s defiant and daring personality, which finds a way to affirm itself both in his illegal public interventions and within the space of the museum or the gallery.

The prints were made by Invader in response to one of his largest and most important solo exhibitions in the US, Into the White Cube, held at Over the Influence in Los Angeles, California. The exhibition offered a retrospective on the artist’s most important works, as well as new artworks made on canvas, the first time the artist engaged with the medium after his fine art education in Paris. For the occasion, Invader decided to produce an entirely new array of his signature pixelated images, amongst which were the Versailles prints and Hollywood.

The prints represent two plants, the only difference being the colour of the pots, which are reminiscent of the antagonistic Super Mario characters. Their name is a pun staged by the artist, playing on the merging of ‘weed’, visually represented, and ‘Hollywood’. The reference to Hollywood has, in this case, a twofold significance. On the one hand, it addresses and homages the city in which the exhibition was held and for which Invader created the prints. Invader’s love for Los Angeles has been widely acknowledged, with the artist having invaded the city with over 200 public mosaics recorded to date interspersed through the city’s corners, and 11 invasion waves, one of which organised in conjunction with the 2018 exhibition.

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