Invader MISSION MIAMI MOSAÏQUE COVER Micromosaic book 2012

Mosaics Invader

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Why is the Mosaics series so important?

Invader’s Mosaics series is perhaps the most recognisable produced by the French artist. Here, it is not only the characters portrayed that instantly betray Invader’s signature, but also the medium of small mosaic tiles in which the pieces are made, which recall Invader’s public works.

Each work in the series was made in conjunction with Invader’s public Space Invasion. Notably, every time the artist places a new work in a public setting, he also produces a so-called alias mosaic to be put on sale privately, to allow all his avid collectors to purchase his pieces. Each alias comes with an ID card recording the date and location of the original invasion. These aliases, he clarifies, are made in better quality than the public ones, made to last, but they are decidedly the copies, not the original work. However, he also claims that owning an alias is a way of symbolically owning the accompanying public artwork, even if these at times get destroyed or stolen, and therefore the act of owning an alias is complicit in the illegal invasion performed by the artist.

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