Invader Rubik Cubism Screenprint in colours on thick wove paper 2006

Rubikcubism Invader

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Why is Rubikcubism so important?

Taking further his fascination with the enthralling world of games, the Rubikcubism series represents Invader’s latest artistic experiment and elaboration on the theme of pixelation and mosaics, already explored in his Space Invasion project. The artist defines Rubikcubism as a “fine art school developed in Paris in the early 21st century and characterised by the use of Rubik Cubes as a medium.”

As this brief definition already suggests, the artworks belonging to this series, here meticulously reproduced through the medium of screen prints, are the result of the carefully-planned, lengthy and strategic manipulation of Rubik Cubes. In this context, each Cube constitutes a single mosaic-like tile, which is then conjoined and assembled with other Cubes-mosaics to give rise to the final picture. With a palette of only six colours per Cube, the artist skilfully twists dozens, at times hundreds, of Rubik Cubes to achieve increasingly detailed and nuanced representations.

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