Invader Scooter Screenprint in colours 2015

Scooters Invader

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Why is the Scooter series so important?

Perhaps one of Invader’s least-typical pieces, the Scooters print constitutes a unique piece within the artist’s production, a testament to Invader’s acknowledgement within the Street Art community, and as such a highly sentimental artwork for the artist.

This signed print was released in 2015, on the occasion of Invader’s solo exhibition Wipe Out held at the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Foundation [HOCA] in Hong Kong. Invader’s relationship with Hong Kong has always been somewhat problematic. In January 2014, the artist invaded the city for the third time, after thirteen years since his first invasion. However, whilst Invader’s pieces were loved by the border public, the Invasion’s fate was doomed since nearly 90% of the artworks got removed from the city after a few weeks, ‘‘wiped-out by an overzealous local highway cleaning crew’’, according to the HOCA curatorial statement.

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