Invader Versailles Black Screen print in colours on wove paper 2018

Versailles Invader

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Why is the Versailles series so important?

Available in two different colours, the series of signed prints Versailles represents an incredible opportunity for anyone interested in collecting and supporting Invader’s fantastic and creative world of whimsical video game-like creatures. The prints were designed by Invader specifically for one of his largest solo exhibitions, Into the White Cube, held at Over the Influence in Los Angeles, California, and were then placed on sale by the artist in a very limited set.

Playing on Brian O’ Doherty’s seminal 1976 essay, ‘Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space’, a reflection on the politics of contemporary museums, the exhibition, and with it these prints attest to Invader’s ever-growing influence within the institutional art scenery. More importantly, they speak to how Street Art is increasingly accepted and recognised by official academic narratives as an art form that has earned its place within more traditional artistic traditions and which should be on a par with other traditional media. Following in the footsteps of Banksy’s artworks and the legacy he has built for Street Art, Invader’s exhibition re-establishes the mark that Street artists, through their often political statements, are leaving upon art historiographies.

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