Jean Dufy, brother of the well-known Raoul, was a French impressionist painter known for painting colourful artworks of his beloved home of Paris.

Jean Dufy was born in Le Havre in 1888. After his military service from 1910 to 1912, Dufy moved to Paris and grew acquainted with the art of Derain, Braque, Picasso, and Apollinaire. Inspired by the city and his work decorating porcelain for Théodore Haviland, Dufy began painting watercolours of his home. In his oil paintings and watercolors, Jean Dufy chose to represent the city using a constantly evolving creative process dominated by a harmony of blue tones. As an artist, blue, and it’s many hues, was an insatiable source of inspiration for the Gates of Paris, the streets, the horse-drawn carriages, the Eiffel Tower, the sky, and the Seine. His paintings and prints of Paris (such as Le Pont du Carrousel) are praised for their ability to create intense scenic atmospheres through analogous colour schemes.

As well as painting Paris, Dufy is also famed for his compositions of pianists, orchestras, circuses and clowns. His artwork has been exhibited all over the world and is currently held at the Indiana University Art Museum in Bloomington, IN and Madison Museum of Fine Art in Madison, GA.

Jean Dufy

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