Best known for his bold – and often kitsch – artworks that explore contemporary obsessions with sex, celebrity, media and consumerism, Jeff Koons is a contemporary Pop artist.

Koons made a name for himself in the mid-1980s as an artist-cum-stockbroker who turned everyday objects into oversize sculptures. Using toys, inflatables, household items and luxury goods throughout his work, Koon references popular culture to explore consumerism and the human experience. This is not only evident in his choice of subject matter but also in his aesthetic – Koon creates smooth glistening surfaces in his sculptures whilst his paintings employ bright and saturated colours.


Born in 1955 in Pennsylvania Jeff Koons began making art from a young age – at the age of nine his copies of Old Masters were already being exhibited in his father’s second hand furniture shop. He went on to study painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he met painter Ed Paschke who had a significant influence on the younger artist’s style. In 1977 Koons moved to New York where he took a job working the membership desk of MoMA, however by 1980 he was working as a broker on Wall Street, which allowed him to “make exactly what art I wanted to make. And I would always know that I didn’t need the art market.”

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