Julian Opie Distant music water traffic Lambda print in colours laminated to acrylic 2000

Eight Landscapes Julian Opie

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Eight Landscapes is a set of eight digital prints by Julian Opie from 2000 rendered in his realistic, graphic style. Each image in the series was mounted with sound systems, playing the sounds described by the title or digital LED panels displaying the words of the title one by one.

Created from photographs taken by the artist, then scanned and altered digitally, this print is void of detail and simplified through the use of block flattened colour. Opie thus produces a generic image of the landscape that strikes a sense of familiarity within the viewer. Titling the images with descriptions of sounds he heard whilst taking the photographs, Opie explained “Things in my experience don’t look photographic. When I recall the things I did in a day, for example, it’s not as a series of photographs, high resolution pictures. It’s a series of images which resemble symbols and signs. It’s like another language.”

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