Julian Opie - Galloping Horse

Galloping Horse Julian Opie

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The Galloping Horse series is a set of three prints by Julian Opie from 2013. Each print in the series shows a semi three-dimensional image of a horse galloping, depicted with thick, black outlines and set against plain green backdrops.

The prints in this series are representative of Opie’s most iconic graphic style whereby the artist depicts his subject in an extremely stripped back manner. The colours used in each print are monochrome and the horses are devoid of detail, rendered without light or shadow. Opie depersonalises each image with his slick visual language created with computer-generated technology, so as to encourage the viewer to reconsider how we look at the world. This level of depersonalisation invites the viewer to project their own personal emotions, memories and ideas onto the image, thus filling in the blanks of the narratives that are to be read in Opie’s works.

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