Julian Opie LUC AND LUDVINE GET MARRIED ALAN CRISTEA Mounted on to white paper 2007

Luc And Ludivine Get Married Julian Opie

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Luc And Ludivine Get Married is a set of 16 mixed media works by Julian Opie from 2007 rendered in his pared-back, graphic style. Each work in the series shows two portraits of a man and woman, each presented in an individual elliptical frame with blown domed glazing.

Opie’s Luc And Ludivine Get Married series explicitly engages with the 19th century art historical tradition of silhouette portraiture, led by artist Auguste Edouart, whereby the new middle classes would commission family group or individual portraits to record a moment in time. Opie has a strong interest in noticing silhouettes everywhere and has said of the genre, “It is one of the most common forms of drawing around, certainly in that period from late 18th to early 20th century. It’s so common it has become boring, and it’s kind of boring anyway in the sense that it does not stray much from reality.”

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