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The Blueprint Drawings Keith Haring

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Keith Haring’s The Blueprint Drawings is regarded as the last cohesive project of the artist’s career and is perhaps one of his most iconic works. Originally produced as unique works on paper with Sumi ink, Haring displayed these works in a one-week exhibition in Manhattan in 1980 where not a single drawing was sold. However, he did find success in the sale of several blueprint copies of the original drawings and so revisited the subject in 1990, a month before his tragic death creating a portfolio of 17 screen prints of the original images.

Incorporating some of his most recognisable figurative motifs, this series of prints is rendered exclusively in black and white in Haring’s trademark linear style. Throughout The Blueprint Drawings series there are images of radiating bodies, dotted landscapes and figures, UFO’s, barking dogs and penetration that come together to form an ambiguous narrative on homosexuality, otherness, and death. The striking simplicity of the series works to confront these complex themes head-on and it is clear that Haring is unafraid to use explicit sexual imagery throughout. Additionally, like much of his other work, the prints in this series were left untitled, thus leaving the viewer with an open-ended visual language to be honestly interpreted without bias.

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