Ludo by keith haring

Ludo Keith Haring

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Ludo is a series of five striking lithograph prints by Keith Haring created in 1985. The series is made up of figural images depicted in the Pop artist’s iconic linear style and frenzied lines. Each print is set against a plain white backdrop, and a frenzy of red lines fill the dark outlines of the figures across the series, working to produce abstract and ambiguous images.

The Ludo series is reminiscent of Aztec or Aboriginal art through Haring’s use of flowing, organic shapes and thick bold lines to create a pattern that plays out across the image surface. Explaining why many of his works resemble Aztec or Aboriginal art, Haring has said “My drawings don’t try to imitate life; they try to create life, to invent life,” something that he believed aligned with so-called primitive ideas. The Ludo series is exemplary of this notion by forming a rhythmic, kinetic set of compositions that focus on pattern rather than realism.

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