Three Lithographs by Keith Haring - 1985

Three Lithographs Keith Haring

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Typical of the artist’s celebrated linear style, Keith Haring’s Three Lithographs series consists of three prints depicted exclusively in white, red and black. Created in a style that mimics children’s drawings, using bold, rounded lines and flattened colour, this series exemplifies a character that is entirely adult in tone, exploring ideas surrounding queer theory, desire and substance abuse.

Haring’s Three Lithographs series is produced through the lithographic printing process that utilises a slab of stone or metal to apply ink that then repels the pigment onto fibrous material like paper. Unlike Haring’s more commercial screen printing method, this printing process dates back to the 18th century and has the capacity to produce exceptional detail across hundreds of multiples. Haring’s use of lithography as a method of printing worked to maintain the crisp edges and opaque sections of colour that make up his signature style. Additionally, the Three Lithographs series retains a hand-painted quality characteristic of the lithography printing process, as most clearly seen in the red lines used in each print.

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