American artist Mel Ramos (born Melvin John Ramos) is known for his figurative paintings and limited edition prints and posters that combine nude pin-up girls from American magazines with branded products.

Mel Ramos gained his popularity as part of the Pop Art movement of the 1960s, when he exhibited a series of garishly coloured super-hero paintings at Los Angeles County Museum of Art alongside Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. In 1965, he developed his Pop Art iconography of nude pin-up girls alongside mass-marketed products. His pieces such as, Butterfinger and Lucky Lulu, explore the ways in which modern culture has cast the female body as interchangeable with beauty and consumerism.

Although labeled by many as a Pop Artist, this identification is much too narrow to account for the broader context of his paintings and prints. Incorporating elements of realism, abstraction and surrealism, Ramos is one of the worlds more modern figurative painters, creating humorous artworks that have personal meaning.

Mel Ramos


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