Brazilian graffiti duo Os Gemeos have gained notoriety for their unique works, which have come to define the Brazilian street art scene. Os Gemeos, translating from Portuguese to mean ‘The Twins,’ comprises identical twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. Their surreal and sometimes psychedelic work is built around the unique connection the twins share, which gives their work, despite having two separate pairs of hands working on it, a great sense of wholeness and unity; as if a brand new creative world has been brought into existence.


They began spray painting in Sao Paulo in 1987, creating a diverse range of artworks, from small graffiti tags to large-scale murals, at a young age. As they grew up in the traditional district of Cambuci, the twins developed their own form of play and symbolic communication through art. The streets became the place they expressed themselves and experimented with ideas. But it was when they merged this method of communication with the influences of hip-hop and Brazilian culture in the 1980s that their artform started to take its unique and captivating shape. Their work is so embedded in Brazilian culture that Os Gemeos have been nicknamed ‘Brazilian magical realists’ by those in the international street art scene.

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