Brazilian graffiti duo Os Gemeos have gained notoriety for their unique works that have come to define the Brazilian street art scene.

Os Gemeos is comprised of identical twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. They began spray painting in Sao Paulo 1987, creating a diverse range of artworks from small graffiti tags to large-scale murals. Inspired by Brazilian folklore and hip-hop culture, their work often features their signature yellow-skinned characters and a vibrant colour palette. In fact, their work is so embedded in Brazilian culture that Os Gemeos have been nicknamed ‘Brazilian magical realists’ by those in the international street art scene.

In 1993, Os Gemeos met internationally renowned street artist Barry McGee and immediately collaborated on a range of art pieces across Sao Paulo. This expanded their influence into the United States and Europe, and led them to experiment with other creative processes including painting, sculpture, animation and installation. Since, they have created murals with the likes of JR and Banksy.


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