Patrick Heron was a British painter, writer and designer known for his vibrant paintings.

Patrick Heron’s most noteworthy artistic contribution was to the development of Abstract Art. Always a keen painter, Heron’s early works were influenced by Paul Cézanne. After meeting many leading artists of the St Ives School, including Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson, Heron became endeared to the European Abstract Expressionist movement. He was seminal in ending an English tradition of inward looking figurative painting through his passion for colour – his commitment was to the non-figurative exploration of colour and the effect on the retina of the juxtaposition of pure colours. This led Heron to create bold, ravishing abstract artworks that critics have said dragged Britain out of its grey post-war dinge.

As the founder of Abstract Expressionism in England, Heron’s work continues to carry great weight in the art world, attracting buyers from all over the world.

He also wrote several books, including The Changing Forms of Art and Apocalypse 2000: The Future.

Patrick Heron

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